As said above, the app has got three main sections for maintaining the calls. Those sections are

  • the community database, with users ratings for phone numbers
  • the app settings with different rules for blocking and allowing calls
  • your own rules : Whitelist and Blacklist 


Community database

The main power when trying to stop some unsolicited call is the timely passed information among the community members. Any person can contribute to this database - people not using our app directly can simply use our web pages for the respective number to report the number there by filling the form on the page, while users of our app can add the rating directly from the app.

How to do it? Simply after the call, when the call detail screen is displayed (or selecting the call in the call log screen later and opening the call detail page by taping on it). On the call detail page, a user can report the number as SAFE or SPAM - please select the respective rating, and then a list of categories will be displayed. Select the one which you believe to describe the call best, and then you can add some detail information about it. More info will help other users, sometimes it can help them in deciding to accept or decline the call better than just the rating. Be honest, try to be helpful - what kind of info would YOU appreciate? Also please read this article with the rating rules: How to add, edit or delete the phone number review


Application settings for calls handling

Our app has many possibilities how to use and combine different rules for different calls. It can simply give you an information about the calling number, or it can even block the bad calls. It's really very relative point of view, what call is negative for who, this is sometimes not a black and white business. To set the app just according to YOUR needs depends on your understanding of the general rules. Believe us, it's not difficult, it just needs you to read and give it some initial time :). Most of the settings can be found under the app main menu (three horizontal lines in the upper-left corner - so called Hamburger menu), then go to the SETTINGS and tap on BLOCKING. Please check this article, explaining the individual rules: How to handle the BLOCKING settings


Whitelist, Blacklist ...and Range (mask) blocking

Every app should be simple and intuitive in the first place. If you just want to simply block some number (not wanting to fill any form, don't want to share your rating with anyone), or if you just want to simply allow some number blocked by others, all such actions can be done on two clicks maximum. Those actions will add the respective number to your Whitelist (list of allowed numbers) or Blacklist (list of numbers to be blocked). How to maintain these lists is described in this article: Rule lists: Whitelist, Blacklist, Reported numbers