Which version of SIA should I use? Which one will work properly on my device and what are the differences between these versions?

The timeline of the SIA (Should I Answer) applications consists of three versions:

  • Old version of SIA, actually obsolete
  • SIA Personal
  • SIA 2019

How do I check which version I can use?

  • Open the app and then open the "About" tab from the menu. In the lower right corner you will find the version number, in parentheses the database number. Old SIA applications use numbers 10720, 11010, 11009, 110114; SIA Personal will use the 240+ number range and the latest SIA 2019 uses 0.5.1xx or 0.6.1xx

Old version of SIA - obsolete application

This version of the app has been our flagship for several years, originally designed for Android 4.4 and higher, but Google support has stopped the development at Android 5.1 - if you have Android 6 and higher, try using the newer version. We are still working on maintaining the application and providing the daily database updates, but in fact it is no longer possible to compile new updated versions of this application due to changes made by Google for programmers (Google itself does not want to maintain support for old versions of Android).

This app was originally offered on Google Play at this link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.mistergroup.muzutozvednout

If you still need to install this app on an older phone, please use this link: http://download.shouldianswer.net/download/shouldianswer_obsolete.apk  - the APK file is still stored on our server and you can download it directly to your mobile phone (the installation will then start automatically).

This app was one of the best rated mobile protection apps in Google Play history - finished with a global rating of 4.7 out of 5, rated by nearly 330,000 users, thank you all for being with us! Hope that you will stay with us with new versions :).

Here are the steps how to upgrade from older versions to SIA 2019

SIA Personal

This app was the middle step between the old (obsolete) and new one. We've completely changed the look of the app, with the new menu system and user interface, trying to balance the new versions of Android and their user interface system with our ability to protect users from unsolicited calls. This app was designed to work properly on Android 6+ devices, if you're still using it then please upgrade to new SIA 2019.

SIA 2019

SIA 2019 was our response to changed Google Play policies and higher and improved versions of Android. According to Google, only the default phone app can filter and block calls, so we had to create a newer app to keep up with the changing world of Android. This app has a new improved user interface and is designed to work better on higher versions of Android - 6 and higher. It also includes full dialer functionality, it can act as a substitute for the default system calling application - which also allows you not to miss any call if our application is set as your default phone application. You can also set the application to work with the default dialer and not replace it with our interface - check the integrated help when installing the application (menu item MANUAL - FAQ section - part "I don’t like the new in-call (dialer) screen. Can I revert to the old one?", or this article : "Which alert type to choose?").

This app version can be downloaded here : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.mistergroup.shouldianswer

This is the present and for some time also a future of our development. So what does the app offers?


What are the application functions

1. If some unknown number calls, the app displays its rating:

  • … either directly on the call screen
  • … or as a pop-up window / system notification area which you can hide easily


2. Blocks undesired calls

  • Based on your settings
  • Protects also your voicemail - using the "Pick & Hang” function


3. Serves as fully equipped phone application. This includes:

  • Own call screen for incoming calls including the unknown phone rating
  • Complete call history
  • List of your Contacts including fast search
  • Favorite Contacts
  • Dialing keyboard including full-text context search


4. Community features

  • You can write and share phone number reviews


5. Contains data backup on user login

  • Easy user account creation
  • Back up your data - with single sign-in, you have full access to your previous reviews and app settings after installing the app on your new phone

... and much more, we are still working on improvements, also based on your feedback. If you have any suggestions, ideas, missing features ... please share with us, feel free to contact us on our support email: [email protected]