What should I do if I have old (obsolete) SIA version?

If your Android version is 6 and higher (open the system SETTINGS menu under the gear icon, scroll down to the "ABOUT" or "SYSTEM", open it and find the "Android version"), then you can decide either to

- continue in using the old version : but please double-check the new app functionalities, some of them might help you and the app to work better on newer Androids

- upgrade to the newer version which is recommended action

New SIA 2019 can be found here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.mistergroup.shouldianswer

The best upgrade process is as follows:
- update your actual app version to the latest subversion from Google Play - you will find the app version in the "ABOUT" tab, in the lower-right corner (and very likely you will find a date numbers there followed by the version number like 720 or 11011) : the desired version is 11011 and higher
- then, install this new version along with your previous one
- after the installation, it will automatically export and import your ratings from the previous version (please check it, you will find them in the main menu - the hamburger icon in the upper-left corner, then go to the SETTINGS, and check one by one the last three menu items - list of Allowed / Blocked / Reported numbers, your reports from the old version should be visible there)
- then you can uninstall the old version or stop it: please be aware that there should be just one ACTIVE blocking app running in your device, otherwise they will fight for calls

We would also recommend you to set the 2019 version as default phone application, selecting the "ACTIVE PROTECTION" and then changing it to the default phone app - with this settings no call should pass unattended. For setting the app as a default phone app, could you please check this article : https://www.androidauthority.com/change-default-apps-android-2-633572/


And what if I have Android 5 or older?

The general support from Google for the older Android versions is limited and will vanish in the upcoming months. Meantime you can continue using our old version, we will keep providing daily database updates so you will still have actual security info.

Then we would suggest you to ask your mobile provider when (if) they plan to release Android update for your device - but honestly they mostly just don't care, forcing you to buy new phone instead... And that's the last advice - buy a new phone with newer Android version, actually with the politics of all mobile manufacturers (IF WE USERS DON'T FORCE THEM TO CHANGE THIS APPROACH) it seems you can't avoid this in future anyway...