Should I Answer for Android provides 3 methods for showing the security information about phone number. Those methods are

  • Custom Call Screen
  • Popup
  • Notification

You can choose a method which will fit best according to your needs. If some of them is not working correctly on your device and no security info is displayed, please try to switch to another method first.

  • Custom Call Screen (incall screen) is a replacement of the system call screen. It provides advanced call screen functionality, integrates security information about the phone number and provides support for Pick & Hang blocking method. But still your default system call screen you were using could have some other useful functionality you were used to - if you are missing some advanced call screen feature from your standard system call screen, consider to use different alert type, then  our app will use your old system call screen. Conference calls management, video calls support - this is not implemented yet. We are going to improve the custom call screen features in the future updates. If you miss something, please let us know!
  • Popup alert type displays the phone number security information in front of the system call screen, in floating popup, as a small but comprehensive window full of necessary information. You can move (drag&drop) the popup window to any location you prefer (it will remember that position also for next calls). Please be aware that popup alerts are displayed only for phone numbers which are not stored in your phone Contacts, and have some rating already - either negative or positive. Also on some devices you will need to add the right to draw overlay windows for our app to be able to draw the window in the foreground above the system call screen (our app will ask you to).
  • Notification alert type will display a standard system notification, in your mobile notification area, containing number security information. You must manually roll out the system notifications to read it. This method can be helpful if you need just an additional information about the call, or if the other methods are not working correctly on your device.


Note: Android 6 devices requires to use the Custom Call Screen to provide automatic blocking due missing filtering API! If your mobile is Android 6 operating, you should consider to use the Custom Call Screen as a first option.