As the world becomes increasingly connected, unwanted calls and spam phone calls have become a pervasive problem. Fortunately, there are apps like Should I Answer that help protect users against these types of calls. And now, the app has launched a new monthly subscription called SIA PLUS, which offers even more features and benefits to users.

If you're not already familiar with Should I Answer, it's a popular free software application that helps users protect against unwanted calls and frauds. The app uses crowdsourced data to identify and block spam calls, telemarketing calls, and other unwanted calls. With millions of downloads and positive reviews, Should I Answer has become a go-to solution for people looking to protect their privacy and avoid scams.

However, running an app like Should I Answer requires ongoing maintenance and development. To ensure the app continues to function at a high level and remains a valuable resource for users, the developers have introduced a new monthly subscription called SIA PLUS.

So, what do you get with SIA PLUS?

First of all, SIA PLUS includes all of the features of the free version of the app, so you don't have to worry about losing any functionality. However, the subscription also includes additional features and benefits, such as:

Daily Automatic Update of Database: SIA PLUS users receive daily updates to the app's crowdsourced database of spam and unwanted phone numbers. This ensures that users are always protected against the latest threats, and can stay ahead of scammers and telemarketers.

Automatic User Data Backups: SIA PLUS automatically backs up app settings, including call history and blocking settings. This means that even if a user's phone is lost, stolen, or reset, they can easily restore their Should I Answer data and settings.

Phone Number Verification: SIA PLUS includes a phone number verification feature that allows users to verify own phone number. As user of verified phone number you will be able to define if (we never display any private, personal numbers, only business-used numbers) and how your phone number will be presented to other users. This feature is under development and will be introduced in next releases.

In addition to these features, the Should I Answer team is committed to listening to user feedback and needs. They will continue to add new features and functionality to SIA PLUS in the future, based on user suggestions and requests.

Premium support: By subscribing to SIA PLUS, users not only gain access to these valuable features, but they also help support the ongoing development and maintenance of the app. This is important because it ensures that Should I Answer can continue to offer reliable protection against unwanted calls and frauds, even as new threats emerge. To face this any SIA PLUS user also receives premium support from the SIA team answering within 24 business hours - or almost immediately.

In conclusion, if you're a regular user of Should I Answer and want to support the app's ongoing development while also gaining access to additional features, SIA PLUS may be a great option for you. With daily automatic updates, automatic user data backups, and phone number verification, you can stay protected against unwanted calls and scams, while also enjoying greater peace of mind.


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