Are you experiencing frequent database update prompts with the new version?

Yes, at the same time as deploying SIA Plus, we were thinking about how to prompt users to want to use it and thus support the whole community and us, the developers of the application and the whole project (which consists of the application, the website, the server part and many other parts invisible to the average user).

Nothing can protect you better than up-to-date information. We compile new data for a local database on your mobile every night, and yes - our app users contribute to this database, but so do our admins and our robotic threat detection system. That's why we put the call to action to use SIA Plus on the action that best protects you. For years, the app included the option to make a voluntary donation, but there were very few users who opted for this donation (to them our heartfelt thanks, we greatly appreciate this support), despite the fact that the app was the BEST rated in our category on Google Play - so we decided that this challenge needed to be more visible. Please note that users who support us with a TIER 1-3 donation automatically have the SIA Plus program active as well.

The current functionality of the app is such that if you have the SIA Plus program active, the database should update automatically in the background if everything is set up correctly on your phone. If you don't have the correct settings (it would be a good idea to contact our support via menu - Report a bug), or if you are not a SIA Plus user, and if the local database has not been updated for more than 48 hours, a notification will appear prompting you to update. Just do the following:

- Click on the notification, and/or open the menu in the application - About
- on the bottom right is the database number, click on it
- the SIA PLUS screen will open, scroll down and click UPDATE
- the database will update if the internet connection is OK and a message will appear stating that the update is complete

The message will not appear for another 48 hours (if it does, something has gone wrong and we ask you to contact our support via the menu - Report a bug).

If you ignored the notification, it will not appear until the next day. Users who do not have SIA Plus active can manually update once a week. If you have not updated the database for more than 8 (eight, really eight) days, the notification will start appearing every 2 hours. Why? Take it as a fact that more than 10,000 new reports are added every day, so a week without updates is a rather dangerous time, even your antivirus tries to update every day.

So despite the "annoying" notification, the update works for free, and so does the whole app - all features are still available to all users, some only in limited mode. We had to take this step after the operator (i.e. Google) forced us to pay more for the features we want to provide.

We are fully aware that the price for SIA Plus may be too much for some, or that you may have some other reason why you prefer not to use our app with the introduction of SIA Plus. We would also like to introduce more opportunities for SIA Plus users to influence the development of the app itself, we would be delighted if you would write to us with your suggestions for features the app should include. If you would like to share your views with us, you can do so using this voting form:


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