First of all thank you very much for your intention to join closer the Community and to support the project more. You support will give us greater possibility to improve the app in the future.

There are two main ways actually how to enable the full potential of your SIA app:

You can subscribe to the SIA Plus

Open the app, go to menu, there select the SIA PLUS menu item and open the promo screen. You will see the SUBSCRIBE button there. To use it you must be connected to the internet, so please check the internet connection first. If you tap on it, the Google subscription service will open leading you through the subscription process. When finished, the process will lead back to our app and the screen will change with info about active subscription.

Please be aware that the subscription is activated for one month and is self-refreshing. You can cancel it any time on the same screen or directly using the Google subscription service, please check this Google article about managing the subscriptions.

Activating SIA Plus by Tier subscriptions

Also as we don't want to separate user for those already supporting us by voluntary donation and those not being able to share any money, there are two other ways. Any user contributing our project with any donation is automatically a SIA Plus user gaining all the advantages of SIA Plus. To donate to the project, just open the app, go to menu, and there tap on the COMMUNITY menu item. A Community support screen will open with three TIER subscriptions. Select desired Tier support and after activating it you will also gain all SIA Plus advantages.  

You can use Promo Code

Promo code can be gained by supporting the community. Actually the promo code will be given to the user after contributing to the Community in different ways, please check the COMMUNITY menu item.

After receiving the Promo code, open the app menu, tap on the SIA PLUS menu item, and scroll down on the screen. On the bottom of this screen you will find a field where to put the Promo Code - just past it to the field and press the ACTIVATE button next to it. The code will then be verified by our server and if valid, your SIA Plus program will be activated - which will be shown on the same screen after refresh.