Different development cost

Android application

  • can be made on any low-cost computer
  • can be tested on low-cost phones
  • can be published to Google Play store for free. There is no fee for publishing it.
  • can be developed for lower costs. There are more Android developers so the price per hour is lower

iOS application is the opposite, developer 

  • must use expensive hardware
  • must pay yearly subscription to be able to publish the app in the Apple App Store
  • must pay higher cost for development

Different value of nonpaying users

Each user of the Android app is able to contribute to the project. You can read more about it in our article How could be the Android app for free with no ads?

Unfortunately, the iOS world is very different, with many limitations. Some limitations protect the users privacy (which is great), but some other limitations just prevent the developers to provide you with useful features. Our iOS application has no space and possibility to provide you with those features popular on Android devices. There is really no great feature for which user should be desperate to open our app. We can provide just passive protection, there is no place for interaction with user.

By all this the nonpaying iOS app user has negative value for us. User without app will search for the phone number information directly on the web and will find our web pages monetized by Ads (where clicking on the ads will generate some income to the project). On the other hand, the user with the app does not need to search for information on web - it is displayed in our app directly. User with the app is not able to leave new review for some unsolicited call, there is no interaction possible to be included, because of the iOS system limitations... So in fact, the development of free iOS app does not make sense, from this point of view... Sorry for this, hope that Apple will change this in future!

Be or not to be

There were just 2 options: to create the paid app or don't create any app for iOS at all. We are doing our best to bring to iOS users as much of our protection as possible. The subscription model is provided with 1-month trial, so you can freely try if it's ok for you to pay for it on monthly basis, starting the next month. During the first month you receive daily database updates, then it's up to you to decide if you want it or not (the app will continue in serving, but you will lose the daily security updates).

Thank you for your understanding!