The Should I Answer application for Android is free for everybody. How is it possible? In short, it's all about our satisfied users. These are the sources helping us to keep the app for free with no in-app ads:


The actual version contains 3 types of paid subscriptions. Please be noticed that there are no features locked behind the subscriptions :-), it's really just donation to our project. Their purpose is purely a way to provide you with possibility to make a DONATION to our project.

Please check it and consider this kind of donation. This donation is voluntary, no advanced app functions are connected with it, no special treatment - you have all the functionality of the app and our team provides even without it, so if you want to give us some reward, you might consider this one. By buying one of those donations, you receive nothing but our deepest and sincere thanks :-).

Donations are provided on monthly basis - if you subscribe to one of those donations, by default the same amount will be sent every month. Of course you can use it also as a one-off donation and cancel it after the first month (the icon of the donation TIER will be changed to CANCEL).

Anonymous stats and ratings

Just by using of our Android application you are adding some value already. Your anonymous stats about unknown numbers and phone numbers ratings help us to build better community database of unwanted calls. Better community database means better protection. Better protection means more satisfied users :-) !

Sharing our app to achieve better protection

Recommending our app to others is the best way how our community can grow. Bigger community means better protection. If you are satisfied with our app, please tell about your friends, your relatives. Thank you for sharing!

Giving 5 star rating to our app

We don't pay for Ads to promote our app, we don't use fake likes, we don't buy fake app reviews. We hope for 5 star ratings from you only, if you feel that we deserve it. Better app rating in Google Play means more free recommendations of our app to Google Play users, which leads to increase of our community.

Ads on web pages

There is only single place with ads - our web pages. Displaying Ads on our web pages helps us to keep the whole project working. Big Thank You to all who don't block the Ads on our site ;-) !