Should I Answer for Android provides 3 levels of protection - Active Protection, Passive Protection and No Protection.

Active Protection provides all security features including automatic blocking of unwanted calls. But due to the security reasons and new Google rules, only default phone application can block incoming or outgoing calls. If you want to use this type of protection, you must set our app as default phone app. What should look strange to some users, this protection uses our custom incall screen by default with integrated security information - if this screen is not convenient for you then just change the Alert type according to your needs - the app will still have the possibility to block calls, but will use your old standard system call screen, displaying our security info in some other way. This is usable also if your standard call screen uses some functions you were used to and which are not included in our call screen (like video calling, Google DUO implementation, calling some special numbers etc.) - if this is your case, please write us which functions you miss in our call screen. On some devices (mainly with Android 6) it might be not easy to change the default app for calling, if you have problems with this please contact us.

For more details please follow the Which alert type to choose? article.

Passive Protection provides very limited set of features without possibilities of automatic blocking of unwanted calls. With this settings the app needs to be running as foreground service with sticky notification and uses more system resources (it can be annoying for some users to constantly see the message in the status bar - that's the sticky notification). Passive Protection is available as fallback for users who can't use the Active Protection for any reason, the phone number security information during the call will be displayed in form of POP-UP or notification (according to selected alert type).

No Protection provides you with features just for manual check of calls from your call log (after the call) without enabling any kind of protection. It's good choice for starters - newbies to our service to explore the application features.

Don't be afraid to experiment and find out how each protection level works. You can change it anytime in the Protection Settings.