Our mission

As many others (but not exactly like the others) we try to make the World a bit safer place to live. We concentrate on computers of daily life and use, either personal computers or the smart phones – and here we must state very clearly that your smart phone is a small and handy computer miles away from the old fashion landline. Smart phone is still hard to understand for a lot of users, but easy to misuse for some others. At the beginning of the idea to raise this project our relatives, our friends and people around us (including us, the people in the company) were often bothered by telemarketing calls, raising in our country that time.

Our goal is to make these smart devices friendlier to the regular users, and serving just the purpose the users want them to, not to the purpose the other dark sides sometimes try to force us. Telemarketing, number spoofing, unsolicited calls … all such activities are in our radar, and we try every day with all the possible powers to make them behave within legal boundaries. Well, if they don’t listen, here we are to give you the power to stop them using you smart device, doesn’t matter if operating on Android or iOS.

Brief project history

Once upon a time, in tough winter 2013, Miroslav and Michal lived their standard lives in the Czech Republic. Both of them worked in different companies, lived in different houses, with different families and so on :-), but both experienced the same phenomenon.

Almost every day we were receiving 3 or more unwanted calls. We tried to find some protection against it, but after days and nights of unsuccessful searching we realized that there is no perfect protection available. Result? If we want some, we must build it by ourselves.

In a free time, when the needs of our employers and families were fulfilled, we have worked on a website for sharing experiences with unwanted calls. In a few months we have learned how to develop an Android application and made our first real-time protection for Android users.

More users means better protection. We knew it from the beginning, but after almost 1 year of the free time development, the community and visitors count was still too small and we were thinking about cancellation of the project. Fortunately, something changed in next weeks and we started receiving more and more web site visitors.

In 2014 we have established the Mister Group s.r.o. company and started to work full time on this project. We were the smallest possible team...1 developer and 1 database administrator.

Actual state

Now in 2019, we are still fully focused on our project. Our company is still very small focused on users satisfaction. (None of the Business First model!) Users privacy is very important for us, so we don't collect any private data, contacts, emails or passwords. The only way how to protect users data is to don't have them at all ;-). Our systems are based on anonymous stats only.

We are providing active protection against unwanted calls for Android and iOS devices. Android app is available for free and iOS app is subscription-based. Why the difference? Please check these two articles we wrote about this topic: How could be the Android app for free with no ads? and Why is the iOS application paid?

Probably you are also curious how is the project paid, how do we make money to keep it running? This article How could be the Android app for free with no ads? should help to explain our approach.

Project future

Short term plans

  • continue in the development of our new application for Android
  • release own SMS Manager for Android with integrated protection against unwanted SMS
  • redesign the web pages to our new graphics layout
  • constantly increase the quality of the community database
  • optimize processes in building community database 
  • migrate users from our older application to the new one

Long term plans

You can find many applications for protecting users against unwanted calls on Google Play. This leads to big fragmentation which makes all protections less effective. It would be great to unite all data from all applications in one single open database. The benefit is pretty clear - knowledge and the timely passed information is the only working protection, users then would get the best possible protection, no matter which application you use. The applications would have different user interface, additional features, implementation quality, but basic protection could benefit from the open database - worldwide, working 24/7/365. What do you think about this concept? Let us know to support@shouldianswer.net.