Should I Answer for Android provides 3 ways how to block unwanted calls. You can set the app to DISALLOW call, REJECT call or PICK & HANG call.

  • Disallow call : the call is silently canceled on your side, but it seems on the caller's side that the phone is still ringing
  • Reject call : the call will be disconnected as if the user had manually rejected it. The calling party will hear the busy signal
  • Pick & hang : the call will be accepted, but the app will hung up in the same second

Which block type will not send caller to the voicemail? It depends on how you have configured the call redirection with your phone provider. Almost every phone provider offers some way how to change the behavior of call redirection. In most cases, you will not be able to change this directly from your mobile phone. If you don't know where to find it, call your phone operator's support and ask them.

Our application can protect you only in situations, when the incoming call happens directly on your phone - if your phone is turned off or is in the air plain mode, our application can't do anything and the call is always handled directly by your phone provider according to the call redirection settings.

Some providers offers paid services to 3rd parties for direct access to your voicemail (direct-to-voicemail marketing). This means that the telemarketers can directly store their call to your voicemail and you can't stop them. Ask your phone provider about this service and request them to disable it for your phone number. No luck? Try to find better phone operator who will be respect your privacy!