The Notifications the app can use can be found under the main menu, then go to the SETTINGS and select the NOTIFICATION menu item.

In this menu you can set different additional notifications the app can use to give you more information. Please be noticed that this will not influence the system notifications the app is using via standard Android settings. So what we have here:


Textual notifications

Show number information after call

This item serves to display the after call information screen. It will display the call and number details after the call is finished, but for unknown numbers only - we will not display this screen for numbers stored in your Contacts, such numbers you already know.

Show blocked call system notification

If some call is blocked, the app can display a notification about this action in your system notification area. Some users can be noticed about the blocked calls, some might prefer to do the blocking absolutely silently - this switch will help you to display the message and give you an overview of the blocked calls.

Show statistics notification

When enabled, the app will display statistics notification once per some time, counting the number of checked calls and providing basic statistics about actions taken. This can help you to check if the app is working correctly.


Voice notifications

Call rating voice notifications

For any call, if we have some rating information for the respective number, the app will pronounce the rating information - this can be helpful if your phone is deep in the pocket or in the bag and no connected smart device is showing the info.

Incoming call voice notification

Regardless to the rating of the number, the app will pronounce the information about incoming call.