There are different types of bugs. Some can be easily reproduced and there is way how to fix them. Some bugs are specific to Android version, phone manufacturer modifications or phone hardware configuration. There were 24,000 distinct Android devices in 2015,  according to OpenSignal stats. Worst bugs depends on some conditions like high phone memory usage or bad internet connectivity. Some issues happens due phone manufacturer effort to increase your battery life time by killing running apps. 

Before we start how to deal with the app issues, let's face the, yes you...are one of our best users, because you are spending your valuable time to find how to help in fixing some app issues. We are really impressed and thank you!

Best way how to report the app issue is by the Report Issue feature available in the app menu. It's very important to report the issue right after the issue happens, because we will receive the debug logs of last few minutes, depends on how much of free memory your phone has available. Select the respective category of the issue ("Call blocking" if you are in doubt that the blocking works properly, "Invalid phone number information" if you want to contact us because there is improper information stated for some number on our pages or in the app, or "Other" if the issue is related to some other functionality or you just want to give us a suggestion or idea - which will be much appreciated).

Writing text on phones is not easy, but better issue description means higher chance to find solution for it. Please write us what happened before the issue, what actions you made, what was expected behavior and what was real behavior. Did you notice any connection with some condition? Happens it every time or once?  If every time, please check if you have the application updated to latest version. Latest version can contain bug fix or better debug logs.

Is the issue connected with specific Phone Number? Let us know please which Phone Number was the troublemaker. Your privacy is very important for us, so all sensitive phone numbers are anonymized in the debug logs.  

Many issues happens thanks to manufacturers effort to increase the battery life time. It's not easy to detect it, but there is website which helps to deal with this kind of issues.

Thank you very much for helping us making the app better for everyone!

For any other questions or suggestions, feel free to contact us to